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Shekhar Rastogi, Production Head, Garg Sports International, Sports GSI
Head Production

Mr. Shekhar Rastogi has an experience of over 25 years in the manufacturing industry making him one of the best when it comes to maintenance. He spearheads all the manufacturing consignment of GSI. Shekhar Rastogi is also a firm believer in the concept of continuous improvement.

He closely monitors the manufacturing unit of GSI in order to ensure that quality of the highest standards is maintained at all times. As one of the founding members of GSI, Shekhar believes in the effective management of workmen, in order to ensure smooth workflow.

Aseem Gupta, Procurement Department Head, Garg Sports International, Sports GSI
Head Procurement

Mr. Aseem Gupta handles procurement department and ensures that the procurement of raw material is done as per the scheduled time to avoid wastage. He believes in the effective use of the raw materials so that the product cost is cut down to meet client’s budget.

Like Shekhar, Aseem is also one of the pioneer members of GSI. With his proactive approach towards work, he makes sure that the waste control management system of GSI is practiced by one and all in the company.

Manas Rastogi, Head - Business Development and Quality Compliance, Garg Sports International, Sports GSI
Head Business Development
& Quality Compliance

An engineer by profession, Manas plays a pivotal role from pitching to final delivery of the job.

He also plays a vital role in the conceptualisation to execution of each consignment. He ensures that each consignment is crafted with world class treatment without compromising on quality.

Manas’ keen business sense has got GSI some key clients which include international agencies, soccer training clubs, revered promotional houses and youth training institutes. He, religiously, follows the quality compliance principles of GSI and ensures that standard operating procedures are well abided in the company.

He, carefully, blends the specifications provided by the client and the guidelines of international sports association in order to manufacture tournament quality products. Manas also inspects the final products and check for any discrepancy. Once approved by him, the products are forwarded to the packaging department for making the despatch ready.

At GSI, Manas also brainstorms with other team members about the ways a product should be personalised for a client’s brand and meet all their brand guidelines in a precise manner.

Shivani Gupta, Client Relationship Manager, Garg Sports International, Sports GSI
Client Relationship Manager

Shivani comes from the world of marketing and brand building. With years of experience in shaping up a brand from scratch, her addition in GSI team is like a fresh breath of air. Having worked in corporate sector, she strives each day to introduce new processes in the system that ensures smooth workflow and organised interaction with company’s current as well as future clients.

Shivani assists the company in forming individualised and exclusive relationship with a client with the sole aim of improving the client’s experience at GSI. She ensures to provide them with the highest level of service.



The biggest strength of GSI is the team of craftsmen. We have some of the best workers from the industry working for us and they have been a part of GSI since its inception. They are expert at their jobs and manufacture sports goods of top notch quality that meet the international standards.

Apart from their work abilities, they are also great leaders and quite proactive in the company.

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